5 Tips for Photographing Storms

We all know that storms clouds at golden hours can produce some breathtaking photos, but there is more to photography than just golden hours.
May 27, 2015/by Jay Patel

How Not to Change Your Lens

We often change our lenses in the field and we recommend that you point your camera and lens away from the wind when changing your lens.
May 25, 2015/by Jay Patel

Limitations of a GND Filter

Graduated Neutral Density filters do have their limitations, as one of the students in our Death Valley workshop discovered.
May 22, 2015/by Jay Patel

10 Things To Do Before You Begin Your Photography Business

Are you ready to start your own Photography business? Here is some great advise by Patricia Davidson.
May 20, 2015/by Patricia Davidson

The Language of Lava

Varina Patel is featured in Episode 29 of the Share,Inspire, and Create (SIC) Show. She talks about a time she was photographing flowing lava in Hawaii.
May 18, 2015/by Varina Patel

Underwater Photography

Watch what happens when Varina Patel tries to take an underwater shot. ;)
May 15, 2015/by Varina Patel

Please hand me the camera

Hand me that camera, will you? What do you do when you hear this request? You hand the camera over carefully.
May 13, 2015/by Jay Patel

3 Tips for Photographing Moonrise

Ugo Cei give some very useful photography tips for capturing the elusive moon rise with proper details in the foreground.
May 11, 2015/by Ugo Cei

Getting it Right In-Camera

How many times have you shot a photo with your camera just to find out that either the sky is over-exposed? Here is one way to deal with it.
May 8, 2015/by Jay Patel

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly? Here are few things to consider when you are designing your site to be mobile-friendly.
May 6, 2015/by Jay Patel

Sean Bagshaw’s Photoshop Workflow

Sean Bagshaw shares his Photoshop workflow to create stunning natural looking images with InFocus Magazine readers.
May 4, 2015/by Infocus Guest Author

With and Without a Circular Polarizer

Here are few real world samples where a circular polarizer helped us capture photos with vibrant colors and superb details.
May 1, 2015/by Varina Patel