Changing Light

Changing light makes a location seem entirely different from one moment to the next.
December 29, 2014/by Varina Patel

Keep your Camera Dry

Varina shows how she keeps her camera dry when she is shooting in the rain.
December 26, 2014/by Varina Patel

Get Yourself Oriented

Magazine editors might ask for a vertical shot for the front cover, and calendar companies might want a horizontal shot of the same location. Are you ready for the call?
December 26, 2014/by Jay Patel

The Hurricane that Wasn’t

As landscape photographers, we go to great lengths to find beautiful locations, amazing conditions, and great light... but we aren't always successful.
December 23, 2014/by Varina Patel

Tips for Photographing During Coastal Winter Storms

Before you head out to the coast to take photos during winter storms, there are a few safety conditions you should be aware of.
December 19, 2014/by Patricia Davidson

Do You Need Photo Education or Training?

Photo training and photo education have the same objectives, however, you need to practice to sharpen your skills.
December 17, 2014/by Denis Grenier

Keep your Camera Lens Clean

Varina offers some of advice for keeping your lenses clean and shiny.
December 15, 2014/by Varina Patel

Marketing 101: Value your Work

There s a lot to be gained by valuing your work enough to not give it away for FREE.
December 12, 2014/by Jay Patel

VW22: Reflected Light Critique

The team takes a look at some of the images submitted for the Reflected Light assignment, and shares their thoughts.
December 10, 2014/by Varina Patel

Histograms in Lightroom – Part 2

In this video you'll learn how to quickly balance the exposure using the histogram in Lightroom.
December 3, 2014/by Johny Spencer

Histograms in Lightroom: Part 1

Here is a quick video about how to quickly set the black and white points in an image using Lightroom.
December 1, 2014/by Johny Spencer

Into the Visual Wilderness

Welcome to Visual Wilderness - where photography is King, and the sun revolves around our cameras!
November 25, 2014/by Varina Patel