How to Quickly Remove Power Lines from Photos

Those pesky power lines are the bane of every landscape photographer! Here is a simple trick to get rid of them in Photoshop.

How To Choose Your Next Lens

Here is an article that explains how to upgrade your lens based on your shooting style.

A Different Kind of Landscape Photography

Every now and then, I feel less inspired and need to force myself to look around for photo subjects. Sometimes I simply can’t find the proper interpretation for a scene.

Photographing subjects underwater

Field work is a great place for out-of-the-box thinking especially when shooting something challenging like underwater subjects.

Pay Attention to Negative Space

Learn to focus on your subject and avoid the distractions caused by negative space.

Changing Light

Changing light makes a location seem entirely different from one moment to the next.

6 Tips for Building a Solid Customer Base

We share some tips to help you build your business and a solid customer base.

Technical Knowledge Is Not Enough

As a photographer, it’s important to understand that even if you have fine-tuned technical skills and can do all sorts of fancy stuff with your equipment, you must also have a good dose of creativity added to your workflow to produce the desired results. When we were in Australia, we discovered some beautiful sea anemones. […]

Photographing Motion

Photos may capture and ‘freeze’ a subject, but that doesn't mean they have to reflect a single moment in time.

VW2 – Simple Manual Blending

We welcome Leigh Diprose from FujiFilm Australia and show you how to blend two XE-2 images to create a finished, natural-looking photograph.

Capturing Details in Moving Subjects

Every time a wave came in, the foam would crash against the rocks – bursting in a strange, monochrome fireworks display that seemed surreal in its complexity.

Photoshop Workflow: Intelligent Blending

We think that the photographer should decide where blending should occur - rather than leaving those decisions to a machine that can't actually see anything.