VW17 – Single Color Images Critique

Single Color Images aren't easy to create, but community members came up with some really creative results using a variety of lenses.

Put a Spin on your Colors

Circular polarizer filters are a great tool for reducing glare and bringing out rich colors on wet surfaces.

VW16 – Photographing Patagonia

Clint Burkinshaw joins us once again for Visual Wilderness Episode 16, in which he shares the experience of backpacking in Patagonia.

Visual Wilderness YouTube Channel

We've had a whole lot of interest in our video tips, critiques, and courses... and we're doing our best to keep up with the demand.

Without Post-processing Wizardry

If you spend time on Social Media It’s easy to believe that you have to be a wizard at post-processing to capture a great shot.

Macro Photography on Ice

Macro shots are a heck of a lot easier with the help of a tripod and a good ball head.

Ten Feet and a World Apart

Varina & Jay show you how to create completely different photograph from the same location while standing 10 feet apart.

Three Lies about $ocial Media

This article looks at three lies that you must be aware of to be successful when using social media to grow your photography business.

What Sells: Collections

When you present your images for sale, consider using gallery features that allow you to group your images into categories based upon similarities.