Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn

Shooting in autumn is so much fun - I love the inevitable explosion of red and gold as the maples shift into their fall foliage.

Aspen on Marble

I used focus stacking to get everything nice and sharp in this macro shot of an Aspen leaf from Marble, Colorado.

Saco Lake, New Hampshire

Morning mist rising of Saco Lake, Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire. The best time to travel and photograph NH is in Fall.

Twin Lake Storm

While driving to our destination in Aspen Colorado, we took the scenic route through the Twin Lakes region. As we stood there photographing this little spot, clouds started to move in – within 10 minutes, the blue skies were all but covered up by dark clouds. This is a manually blended image created from 3 [...]

The Road Less Traveled

We went wandering on roads less traveled on our last trip to Colorado – and found ourselves in this beautiful place. We saw only a couple of cars during the two or three hours we spent wandering. The fall colors were spectacular in this area. This is a pretty simple exposure on a day with [...]
Maroon Bells, Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado (CO), USA

Outdoor Photography – Being Flexible

We plan our landscape photography outings so that we maximize our chances of getting the best weather patterns and the right seasons. But things don’t always go according to the plan. Experience has taught us to be flexible and open
The Keeper of the Pond

The Keeper of the Pond

This is a great place to use a circular polarizer filter. This little guy is going to be famous! :) He will be featured in our next Workflow Series eBook! I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a detail shot that
Aspen Leaf on Marble

Aspen Leaf on Marble

Marble, Colorado is a tiny town that boasts a pretty darn impressive marble quarry, a lot of awfully nice people, and some absolutely beautiful scenery. As the leaves start to change color, photographers descend upon the town. The locals call
autumn_2468 copy

Which photo do you prefer?

I took this shot of my youngest son, Damian, a few years ago in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Damian and I spent that morning traipsing through the woods, playing in the leaves, and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of autumn in Ohio.

Featured Download: Frosted Maple

Photographing autumn leaves is so much fun. The colors are incredible in Ohio at this time of year – and it’s so easy to find beautiful subjects. For this shot, I wanted  to show the beautiful patterns of ice on
Autmn Wanderings

Featured Download: Autumn Wanderings

Cuyahoga Valley is the only National Park located in the state of Ohio and every fall it puts on a stunning show of colors. I took this shot on an overcast day when the fall colors were at their peak.