Capturing Details in Moving Subjects

Every time a wave came in, the foam would crash against the rocks - bursting in a strange, monochrome fireworks display that seemed surreal in its complexity.

Shooting on an Overcast Day

Being a photographer means being adaptable. You won't always get spectacular lighting - and some scenes look great on an over cast days.
Akaka Falls - Big Island - Hawaii, USA

Light and Layers

Akaka falls is located just North of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It’s a gorgeous location and well worth the short hike… plus a couple bucks to park and use the trails. When we arrived at the falls, it was bright and sunny. The ferns were brightly lit, but the base of the [...]
Hakalau - Big Island - Hawai

Light Matters

This is a shot from Hawaii’s big island. Pay attention to the light. Maybe you think light isn’t very important in this shot. There are no brilliant sunbeams or brightly colored skies. But I’ll argue that light is critically important to this photograph. Maybe two more photos from the same location will help convince you. [...]
new_mexico_6829 copy

Rock Garden

When you hike out to this place in De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area (New Mexico) you can’t help but smile at the funny little hoodoos that litter the landscape. They’re everywhere. And they almost seem like sculptures. It’s as if someone came out

Bowtie Arch at Midday

How do you deal with harsh light? Do you pack up your camera and go hang out in the hotel? Or do you hike a few trails – exploring the area and looking for shots that work even when the
Let it Burn

Shooting in Canyons at Midday

Midday light definitely isn’t ideal for most wide-angle photography. But here’s a situation where harsh light was exactly what we wanted.
arizona_1038 copy


Post-production work can be just as important as field work – in this case, the range of light, and color balance needed close attention. This shot is from Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The stunning curves and beams of light in