Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington (WA), USA

Quick Tips: Colors

One of the most frequent question we hear about our photograph is, “How do you manage to capture such vibrant colors?” The commonly held belief is that the photograph must be manipulated in post-processing to get such brilliant colors. While,

Quick Tips: Reflections

Have you ever tried to make the reflections an entire image? This is exactly what Varina did in the image above. This image of stork was taken in Everglades National Park during our 2011 workshop….Varina was looking for something creative
Composition - R1

Quick Tips: Point of Interest

What is the most important element in your photograph? Can you identify it, or is your eye pulled from one element to another? The next time you go out to shoot, take a moment to consider the scene carefully.  
The Resident Giant, Twinsburg, Ohio

Photographing Fall Colors

Autumn is coming soon to a region near you! We wanted to pull together a few examples for inspiration – and some tips to help you make the most of your time in the field. This image taken from top
Composition and Perception

Quick Tips: Using a Long Lens

This is a photo from the Florida Everglades. I was struck by the beauty of the rising sun over the distant horizon – but my wide-angle lens would not have been able to do justice to the scene. The fact

Quick Tips: Cropping

Does “One-Size-Fits-All” really make sense? I know I’ve made the mistake of buying a garment that claims to be OSFA – only to find that it sure as heck doesn’t fit ME! Of course, we can’t expect every image to
Composition - R1

Quick Tips: Capturing the Glow

Whats makes these canyon walls glow? This is a perfect example of reflected light. The shot was taken on a bright, sunny day. Direct sunlight bounced from the wall of the canyon just around the bend. The glowing walls were