Tinkers Creek State Park, Ohio (OH), USA

How to Process a Moody Photograph

Conveying mood in a photograph requires a little extra care in your processing technique. We use Photoshop Layers & Mask to accomplish this.
Prelude to the Light, Glacier National Park, WY

Is it “Photoshopped”?

Have people told you your photos look “fake”, “too HDRish”, or that you used too much “photoshop magic”? - Here is how we answer them.
Metlako Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon (OR), USA

Post-processing with a Histogram – Highlights

Here’s a shot from Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. In an earlier post, we talked about using histogram to capture details in the highlights. Here, we’re going to talk a little bit about bringing out details in every part of
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The Workflow Series

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San Gregorio State Park, California (CA), USA

Quick Tips: Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop

In many cases, a photograph will require small adjustments to specific areas to bring out the details and colors throughout the image. We refer to these area-specific changes as “targeted adjustments.” Here’s a shot from San Gregorio Beach in California.
Nature Photography and iHDR Workflow Recordings

Photoshop How To: Layers and Mask

Most landscape photos require some amount of post-processing to retain the details throughout the image, and this photo was no exception.